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Zim Systems Limited was founded in Hong Kong in 2001. We are principally involved in IT solutions and IT consultation and provide a comprehensive one-stop solution to clients worldwide. Our main activities include:

  1. BitsERP
  2. Helpdesk Support Service
  3. Network Solution
  4. Software Development
  5. Website Development

In 2004, we allied with Pacnet (former Pacific internet). In 2008, we were authorized as an official partner of HKBN (����e�W) & Diyixian (�Ĥ@�u). In 2006, Gucci (Group) deployed an inventory control system developed by us at Hong Kong branch office. In 2008, Gucci deployed the system in its overseas branch offices including Australia, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Macau and Malaysia.

With our rich experience in web development, we have assisted many listed companies and enterprises in expanding their online business and so as building up their brands.

A subsidiary company of Zim Systems Limited is committed to provide the best practice proven, methodologies that deliver full benefit to its clients. Consultants work closely with clients to improve their business performance and openly and transparently to ensure high quality consulting service delivered. Long-term relationship is maintained.

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